Why join us?

Presidents message:

Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we organize the 13th Congress of the International Society of Ocular Toxicology in October 2014 in Kanazawa, Japan. We are grateful to the committee members for giving us this wonderful opportunity. We feel very honored to be involved in the preparation, though worried whether many participants from overseas can attend, of this first ISOT congress to be held outside the West.

As stated on the Aims & Missions page, ISOT was founded in 1977 by leading researchers in the field such as Professor O. Hockwin (1925-2002) of Bonn University and Professor F. Fraunfelder of Oregon Health and Science University. In past congress meetings, there have been many research reports; clinical and basic research on ocular toxicology by pharmacological and chemical agents, ocular effects of environmental factors like ultraviolet radiation, and more. I would like to operate this congress with the peculiar quality of Kanazawa Medical University as the local host, as well as respecting the aims of the society in the context of ISOT history. I feel very encouraged by the support received from Dr. A. Wegener of Bonn University in his role as vice president, and as a longtime friend who has contributed to the development of this society together with Professor O. Hockwin since its foundation.

Kanazawa is an acclaimed historical city, second only to Kyoto in Japan, which attracts many tourists both foreign and domestic. We offer not only academic programs at the congress but also special programs to experience Kanazawa, and others for family members. To encourage as many overseas participants as possible, for the first time ever some Travel Grants are available. We look forward to receiving applications from young ophthalmologists and young researchers in particular. I look forward to your participation.

Yours sincerely,

Hiroshi Sasaki
President, ISOT 2014